Netacad students are probably not aware of the great community they are part of.

1.8 million students connect to the online platform through 11000 academies in 180 countries...

We intend to build bridges between academies by creating the concept of twin academies. What if we could create common labs across borders by using our lab equipment, but also our great simulation platform Packet Tracer ? By twinning with other academies, we encourage you to increase student satisfaction and build bridges with other academies, other cultures… Let’s build a human network thanks to networking… In order to create a successful twinning, please find a twin academy that matches your expectations, based on student level, student age, common language…

In order to twin, we ask you to follow the following path :

  1. Once you have registered on this website, please be sure that the encoded information is complete and correct via My Profile. Please describe your Academy and what you expect from the twinning.

  2. Build your Twinbridge. Twinbridge is a device based on a Raspberry Pi that will allow you to connect to a remote academy. 

  3. Choose a twin academy based on student level, student age, common language, country…

  4. Wait for approval. You will be notified by email when the twinning has been processed. You will get the email address of the instructor that will be twinning with you.

  5. Contact your twin academy instructor and agree on the lab you want to build with your twin academy, on the schedule and decide which academy will create the lab on his twinbridge and which academy will join the lab. Enjoy ! 

You can either apply for twinning by describing your academy and what you expect from twinning or directly choose an academy for twinning.

Do you want to start a twinning relationship with another Cisco academy ? Please login or signup if you are new to this website !

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