In order to donate, we ask you to follow the following path

  1. Once you have registered on this website, please be sure that the encoded information is complete and correct via My Profile. You need to be connected to get access to the donation form.

  2. Once you are connected, please describe the equipment you are willing to donate and be sure this equipment is part of the eligible equipment list.

  3. Test equipment : we encourage you to test this equipment with your students. You can perform a challenge lab that will ensure that the equipment can be used for the vast majority of the protocols and techniques that are learnt within the CCNA curriculum.

  4. We will match the equipment you intend to donate with academies trying to get equipment. You will be contacted by email and you will be in touch with the receiving academy.

  5. If you can afford the cost of shipment, we encourage you to send the equipment yourself. However, if you need assistance or funding, please contact us.

  6. Pair with receiving academy and help them setup the equipment.

If you would like to donate equipment without involving students, you could skip the above third step.

Do you have equipment that you do not use anymore at your academy ? If you wish to donate this equipement, you need to be logged in !

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