Are you a Cisco Networking Academy teaching CCNA ? Are you struggling to get equipment to teach CCNA at your academy ? Do you have equipment that you do not use anymore at your academy ? Or are you looking for a collaboration with another Cisco networking academy ? This site might be of interest to you.

About Us

Our goal is to build bridges between Cisco Networking Academies

First, there is donation

We have been visiting academies for some time and there is a gap between academies having enough equipment and academies in need. Some academies often have some spare equipment that they do not use anymore. Some academies do not have enough equipment. We intend to build a bridge between academies using this web platform.

Then, there is twinning

This part of the platform is not about donation, but about twinning. We all have ASCs, ITCs, but we don’t have twinning. The idea is to bring together academies that will be able to build common labs across academies. Instead of building topologies in your own lab, you would be able to create common labs with academies from other parts of the world. The idea is to increase student satisfaction and increase their commitment.

What do you want to do ?

Too much equipment ? You don’t know what to do with it ?


Your academy does not have enough Equipment ?

Get equipment

You would like your academy to work with other academies ?